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Corporate Integrity

We are committed to conducting our business with integrity and we have in place a code of conduct (the “Corporate Code of Conduct”), which applies to everyone who works for us or on our behalf.  All individuals engaged in any capacity by Forza Petroleum including all permanent, temporary, contract and seconded employees, and consultants are required to adhere to the following key principles set out in the Corporate Code of Conduct, which includes the following key principles:


  • Act honestly and with integrity;
  • Be respectful to all work colleagues;
  • Foster initiative and creativity;
  • Create and increase shareholder value in an ethical and legal manner;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest;
  • Maintain suitable confidentiality about all work activities; and
  • Never make improper payments to government officials or business partners or their families.


These key principles are enshrined in all of our policies and procedures and represent a common standard for our work practices and interactions with stakeholders.  The Corporate Code of Conduct also recognises the importance of providing a positive and professional working environment in which all people are treated with respect and dignity.  Therefore the Corporate Code of Conduct prohibits all forms of workplace harassment, discrimination or mobbing, and outlines a process to report all such incidents.


The Corporate Code of Conduct requires us to carry out our business fairly, openly and honestly. We are committed to operating our business in a manner consistent with the laws of the jurisdictions in which the business operates, including those relating to financial reporting, accounting regulations, anti-bribery and anti-corruption. The Corporate Code of Conduct sets the required standard regarding prohibited conduct associated with bribery and corruption, insider trading and conflicts of interest.


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